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Removal of Heavy Metals from synthetic wasteawter using Peanut Husk Charcoal, Fly ash and Zeolite as adsorbents

Publication Date : 10/07/2015

Author(s) :

Paithankar Deepak Narayan , Kokate Vishvajit Bhaskar , Chaudhari Vishal Sadashiv.

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4th International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology(ICRTET-2015) July 2-4,2015 Organized by SNJB's KBJ College of Engineering,Chandwad,Nashik,Maharashtra,India

Abstract :

Present study reveals the adsorption behavior of some low cost adsorbents of biological origin such as peanut husk charcoal , of geological origin such as natural zeolite and of derived origin such as fly ash, with respect to removal of Cu their application for the purification of metal finishing wastewater. The study was performed using batch method and the parameters such as effect of adsorbent dose, pH, stirring rate, contact time, and initial metal concentration wer removal efficiency of metals due to increase in available surface area for adsorption. At a dose of 1.8g of PHC and zeolite 78.2% and 92.3% Cu was removed whereas in case of fly ash this dose was found as 2g with removal of 55%. For zinc removal the optimum values of adsorbent dose were found as 1.8g for PHC and 2g for fly ash and natural zeolite. The influence of the pH of the metal ion solutions on the uptake levels of the metal ions by the selected carried out between pH 2 and pH 10. The optimum pH for copper removal was 6 in the case of peanut husk charcoal and natural zeolite, and it was 8 in case of fly ash. In case of removal of zeolite, optimum pH found were 8 in case of pe natural zeolite. The results expressed that peanut husk charcoal, fly ash and natural zeolite all possess potential to remove cationic heavy metal species from industrial wastewater in the order fly ash < peanut husk charcoal< natural zeolite.

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