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Increasing the Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal Systems using Integrated Timesheets

Publication Date : 10/07/2015

Author(s) :

Sanket Ghorpade , Prof. J. V. Shinde.

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4th International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology(ICRTET-2015) July 2-4,2015 Organized by SNJB's KBJ College of Engineering,Chandwad,Nashik,Maharashtra,India

Abstract :

Evaluation of the quality of an individual's performance in an organization is modeled using a formal management system known as Performance. Performance Appraisal is based on quantitative as well as qualitative parameters. Adherence to performance evaluation parameters such as a specific work schedule, interpersonal skills and innovation, communication skills and team collaboration that is ability to coordinate well with other associates or employees could be some of the factors or performance measures that govern the performance appraisal result. Evaluating some of the factors involve vagueness, uncertainty and imprecision as they are based on judgment making ability of the reviewer. A timesheet can be termed as a process or method for recording the amount of a time utilized by the employee on each job. If multiple such timesheet are integrated, we could calculate some of the evaluation parameters using soft computing techniques and which help in decision making from available data and experience to provide unbiased decision in performance appraisal. This paper proposes a technique of reducing the vagueness, uncertainty and imprecision by collecting the precise data through the integration of timesheet for an individual. The paper describes the performance evaluation using the proposed system for an individual of an IT organization, considering the vertical as AMS (Application Management Service). Keywords-Performance, Appraisal, KRA, Timesheet, Performance

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July 3, 2017

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Prof. Rahulkumar M. Sonar Program Director, ICRTET'2015 Conference Venue: SNJB's Late Sau. K. B. Jain College of Engineering Chandwad

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