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Consolidation and migration technique for workload distribution in virtualized data center

Publication Date : 02/05/2016

Author(s) :

Tejashwini Y.Bhamare , Prof.B R Nandwalkar.

Conference Name :
International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology

Abstract :

To increase the efficiency of energy in the server, consolidation technique is used but due to this technique performance of the workload degraded. So consolidation and migration techniques are used to improve workload performance in virtualized data center. In consolidation technique reduce the number of physical machine (PM) and increase the number of virtual machine (VM).VMWARE is used to create multiple number of VM(Virtual Machines) .it generate multiple VM on single PM. So, Energy requirement for performance becomes less because automatically workload distributes in proper way. For this purpose two modules are used consolidation planning module, which gives set of workload, minimize the number of PM by an integer programming model, Migration planning module which gives workload from consolidation module to VM by Polynomial time algorithm. LSAP(Linear sum assignment problem)this method used to solve migration planning problem (means during migration from one VM to another it takes much time automatically it leads higher communication cost because destination VM already associated with other VM ,communication cost increase)in this method created matrix solve by using Hungarian algorithm, will get less migration cost.

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