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Animated Handwritten CAPTCHA based on 3D Effect

Publication Date : 10/07/2015

Author(s) :

Mutha Neha Chandrakant.

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4th International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology(ICRTET-2015) July 2-4,2015 Organized by SNJB's KBJ College of Engineering,Chandwad,Nashik,Maharashtra,India

Abstract :

We all are familiar with internet and its uses and application. So we also must aware of its security and way of handling the websites. Many websites always ask us to perform some extra activity which is not needed to us in our work. Answer such problem is that they are crosschecking us whether we are real human or fake automated software program created by computer. Many persons create such unethical programs with the help of AI just to trouble server and jam the resources. CAPTCHA is a solution to that. CAPTCHA is nothing but the Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Human Apart.. Simple CAPTCHA is easy to cracked, while complicated CAPTCHA is very difficult for the user to recognize. In this paper, I propose a new CAPTCHA implementation that is Animated Handwritten CAPTCHA based on 3D Effect.

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Prof. Rahulkumar M. Sonar Program Director, ICRTET'2015 Conference Venue: SNJB's Late Sau. K. B. Jain College of Engineering Chandwad

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