Call For Paper Volume:8 Issue:9 Sep'2021 |

Eco-Friendly Cremation

Publication Date : 03/07/2021

DOI : 10.21884/IJMTER.2021.8030.AQPBE

Author(s) :

Sadicha Jitendra Ujalambe , Diksha H. Birru , Onkar S. Vibhute.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 8
Issue 6
(07 - 2021)

Abstract :

Death is an everlasting truth after the life and cremation is an integral part of modern Indian culture. Cremation is the process which can never be changed or reversed. Cremation is the gateway to new life or reincarnation according to Hindu mythology. In India, there are countless beliefs about cremation and it varies according to the grouping. The methods of disposal of body varies according to the castes and the traditions they carry through their ancestors. The methods of cremation are some people bury the body of their loved ones while some burn the body, also some people immerse the body in the water. In fact, all Indians except Indian Muslims and Christians are known to burn the lifeless bodies of their dear ones after death. The Indian Muslims and the Christians bury the dead like they do everywhere on earth. But, as a matter of fact, all Hindus do not burn the dead bodies; some actually dispose of the dead in various other ways including burying and floating. But during whole process of cremation large amount of wood is used which results in degradation of forest and increase in air pollution. Cremation of body even results in water pollution due to the disposal of the ash in the river. The uniqueness of death and its spaces in the Indian scenario needs to be studied both, critically as well as naturally so as to envisage the role these spaces of cremation can play in the contemporary Indian city. This is an attempt to step on study the same.

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Eco-Friendly Cremation

June 18, 2021