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Numerical Investigation of an Unsteady Porous Channel Flow with Convective Cooling

Publication Date : 12/05/2020

DOI : 10.21884/IJMTER.2020.7028.XBMFK

Author(s) :

Issa S. Mfinanga.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 7
Issue 5
(05 - 2020)

Abstract :

This study is based on numerical investigation of an unsteady porous channel flow of a fluid with convective cooling. It deals with the combined effect of variable viscosity, suction and injection in an unsteady flow of an incompressible viscous fluid flowing through a porous channel. The channel flow is based on fluid containing pure water for both first and second laws of thermodynamics and also Newton’s law of cooling are utilized to analyze the model problem in the horizontal geometric with no effect of gravitation flow in a channel the flow. By using semi–discretization finite difference method together with Runge- Kutta Fehlberg implemented on computer using matlab, numerical investigation was conducted. The graphical results on the properties of parameter variation on the velocity and temperature are presented and discussed with the effects of increasing the Reynolds number, Eckert number, Pressure gradient and Biot number. The results show that the fluid velocity is enhanced with an increase in pressure gradient, the space and decrease with an increase of Reynolds number, while the temperature profile shows that, the fluid temperature increasing with the increase of Eckert number, and decreases with an increase of Reynolds number and Biot number.

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Numerical Investigation of an Unsteady Porous Channel Flow with Convective Cooling

May 4, 2020