Call For Paper Volume:7 Issue:5 May'2020 |

Optimization of Process Parameters for LBM Process

Publication Date : 29/03/2020

DOI : 10.21884/IJMTER.2020.7015.RGXNK

Author(s) :

Hanumant Ravan Nikam , Dr. S. K. Biradar , P. S. Thakare.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 7
Issue 3
(03 - 2020)

Abstract :

This paper presents an investigation and optimization of process parameters of laser beam machining process on SS-304. LBM uses the light energy from a laser device for the material removal by vaporization and ablation. In the present study, attempt is made to find the optimal machining conditions with kerf width (KW) and surface roughness (Ra) as objective. It was observed that with increase in laser power, kerf width and surface roughness increases. Response surface methodologies D optimality test was used to determine the optimal machining parameters, among which the laser power and the cutting speed were found to be the most significant. It was observed that lower laser power and cutting speed is suitable for better kerf width and surface roughness.

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Optimization of Process Parameters for LBM Process

March 24, 2020