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IoT Based Electricity Bill Generating System

Publication Date : 14/07/2018

DOI : 10.21884/IJMTER.2018.5177.XF3U5

Author(s) :

Srinivasa Naidu Nalla , B.Ch. Kiran Patrudu , B. Ravi Kumar.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 5
Issue 7
(07 - 2018)

Abstract :

With the advent of increasing technology human involvement can be minimized. For billing purpose EB office is still using labor, it results in difficulties like delay in bill generation and sometimes in bill manipulation. This paper is aimed at measuring energy consumption in the house and generates the bill automatically using IoT. The bill is sent to the consumer via SMS and he can also browse the details of no of units, updated bill anytime globally. This helps the consumer in minimizing the utilization of electricity thereby saving power and money. To implement this we use the hardware Energy Meter, Arduino Uno, Ethernet Shield, LCD display. Using Arduino IDE software, a program is written for extracting no: of units from the energy meter and for calculating the bill based on unit cost. By interfacing LCD with microcontroller, it displays the no: of units consumed and corresponding bill. Ethernet Shield is connected to the router and it is interfaced with the Arduino through which information is updated on the Web server by connecting through same IP address. If in case the consumer fails to pay the bill within due date then electricity transmission can be turned off using relays.

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IoT Based Electricity Bill Generating System

July 5, 2018