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Design and Development of Patient Monitoring System using Android Application

Publication Date : 08/05/2017

DOI : 10.21884/IJMTER.2017.4150.CVMFN

Author(s) :

Pranali Akant , Girish Sengar , Gauri Zade , Rohit Ganvir , Nita Bharkade.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 4
Issue 5
(05 - 2017)

Abstract :

Care of critically ill patient, requires spontaneous & accurate decisions so that life protecting & lifesaving therapy can be properly applied. Statistics reveal that every minute a human is losing his/her life across the globe. More close in India, everyday many lives are affected by heart attacks and more importantly because the patients did not get timely and proper help .This project is based on monitoring of patients. We have designed and developed a reliable, energy efficient patient monitoring system. It is able to send parameters of patient in real time. It enables the doctors to monitor patient's health parameters (Temperature, Heartbeat, and ECG) in real time. Here the parameters of patient (temperature, heartbeat, ECG) are measured continuously and wirelessly transmitted using Bluetooth. This project provides a solution for enhancing the reliability and flexibility by improving the performance and power management of the patient monitoring system. In the current proposed system the patient health is continuously monitored and the acquired data is analyzed at a centralized AtMega16 microcontroller. This data is continuously transmitted to the doctor using Bluetooth. The Doctor can get a record of a particular patient's information by just accessing the database of the patient in the developed Android application in his mobile phone which is continuously updated through Bluetooth receiver module.

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Design and Development of Patient Monitoring System using Android Application

May 5, 2017