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“Impact of Caste on Empowerment of Women through Self Help Groups (SHGs) -A study in Anantapuram district of A.P”

Publication Date : 05/04/2017

DOI : 10.21884/IJMTER.2017.4103.MXTPP

Author(s) :

Dr.L.NAGARJUNA , Prof.B.R.Megharaj.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 4
Issue 3
(04 - 2017)

Abstract :

Women in India are victims of a multiple socio-economic and cultural factors. This paper attempts on empowerment of women as an integral part of every economy. All round development and harmonious growth of a nation would be possible only when women are considered as equal empowerment in progress with men. Since Independence India has made a significant progress in various sectors of rural development through socio-economic transactions. It adopts an integrated approach towards improving the quality of rural poor and ensuring equity and effective participation. There has been an increasing recognition for the development of women and children, particularly in rural areas. The Self- Help Groups (SHGs) concept has been implemented with the objective of raising income level of the poor women. The data for the study were collected both from primary and secondary sources. Primary data were collected by administrating a structured Interview schedule among the members of Self Help Group members. This empirical study has undertaken in the Ananthapuramu district which is one of the most economically, backward districts of Andhra Pradesh. For this study, the entire district of Ananthapuramu is selected. The district is divided into five revenue divisions viz., Ananthapuramu, Dharmavaram, Penukonda, Kadiri, and Kalyanadurgam. In the second stage one mandal from each revenue division was selected randomly. Further, from each mandal two villages were randomly selected. From each village four SHGs were selected. Making a total of twenty members from each village, were finally selected and made caste wise distribution for analysis.

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“Impact of Caste on Empowerment of Women through Self Help Groups (SHGs) -A study in Anantapuram district of A.P”

March 31, 2017