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Comparison of PPE Cost vs. Accident Cost for Building Construction

Publication Date : 28/01/2017

DOI : 10.21884/IJMTER.2017.4025.0EYX7

Author(s) :

Vikram Kulkarni , Pranav Sonone , Anuja Vanjari , Sagar Madan , Shrikant Baviskar.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 4
Issue 1
(01 - 2017)

Abstract :

Nowadays safety assessment on construction site is totally neglected to reduce the overall cost of the project. We are conducting a study to check that whether cost of safety is less than that of accidents, which ultimately reduces the cost of project. Safety assessment may be thought as the front end of the development of integrated safety analysis. There is cost which is to be incurred to perform the safety operations and use PPE accordingly. The various causes of accident, most probable accidents, and most probable injuries occurring while carrying out the activities are found out using journal papers, magazines, by visiting sites. The cost of probable accidents is carried out using Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923, depending upon the type of injury caused to the injured person. The cost of PPE used against probable accident is calculated by visiting various suppliers, stores, industries etc. The cost of PPE required is compared with the cost of accident. The article shows that using PPE on construction site against various probable accidents not only saves life of worker but also saves money and makes the project more economical and safer. The cost comparison shows that in more than 95% of activities the cost of PPE is less than that of accident, ensuring the safety of the worker. Hence it is advisory to use PPE on construction site to make the project safe and economical.

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Comparison of PPE Cost vs. Accident Cost for Building Construction

January 17, 2017