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Application of DSP for Speed Control of Induction Motor

Publication Date : 02/07/2016

Author(s) :

Kushal Lodha , Poonam Kothari , Pallavi Kadam.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 6
(07 - 2016)

Abstract :

This paper gives a high speed digital signal processor (DSP) based System for speed control of single phase induction motor. The system achieves fast speed Control by using the TivaTM C Series DSP-EXP430G2 and specialized digital hardware. The peripheral hardware has been designed for easy interface to many types of motor drive systems, to make the system generally applicable in the motion control field. The controller in the circuit consists of faster generation of the voltage and frequency inputs of sine wave in PWM. The creation of pulse width modulation outputs had to be implemented in hardware, since the use of the DSP for this task would consume a majority of the processing time at the desired repetition frequencies. The inner sine generation using the voltage and frequency components, the speed control of a single phase induction motor can be handled accurately and a smoother control can be obtained. This paper attempts a new speed control technique for the single-phase a.c. induction motor. It presents a design of a low-cost; high-efficiency drive capable of supplying a single-phase a.c. induction motor with a PWM modulated sinusoidal voltage.

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Application of DSP for Speed Control of Induction Motor

June 30, 2016