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Power Quality Improvement using Unified Power Quality Conditioner

Publication Date : 10/03/2016

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Volume 3
Issue 3
(03 - 2016)

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The electricity supply plays an important appearance in the economic development and technology advancement throughout the world. The quality and reliability of power supplies relates closely to the economic growth of a country. The main aim of the utility system is to supply the power to load with proper sinusoidal wave of the voltage and current, with fixed frequency and magnitude with less total harmonic distortion as possible according to IEEE 519-1992 standard. Our power system consist of many non-linear loads like electric arc furnaces, power electronic convertors etc. which offer current and voltage harmonics. Also the loads like computers, micro-controllers are sensitive loads; their convenient functioning depends upon the quality of power supplied. However, power quality disturbances such as harmonics, voltage imbalance, sags, swells, flicker etc., create a lot of problems in achieving a reliable and quality power supply. To overcome these problems, power electronics based FACTS devices are used in distribution systems. Reliability of supply and power quality are two most important look of any power delivery system today. For providing reliable and reliable power, proposed UPQC based improvement in Power Quality is the dissertation topic. UPQC is effective in compensation of current, harmonics, reactive power and to improving the power quality of the distribution system.

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Power Quality Improvement using Unified Power Quality Conditioner

March 2, 2016