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A Comparative Study on Contractors’ Performance in Government and Private Sector Projects

Publication Date : 01/04/2016

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Volume 3
Issue 3
(04 - 2016)

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The construction industry is a significant part of every economy and that performance assessment holds the key to its success of national socio-economic goals. Construction projects and their success are closely related to contractors. The selection of a suitable construction contractor increases chances of successful completion of a construction project. Contractors’ performance can provide robust benchmarks for contractors and help to identify ways towards performance improvement. Contractor performance can be defined by the level and quality of projects delivered to clients. The study is to provide a method for evaluating the performance of contractors in government and private construction projects. Questionnaires were designed depending upon the various factors which affect the contractors’ performance in both government and private sector projects. The questionnaires are distributed to various construction companies. The analysis is done for responses from contractors, engineers and owners in government and private sector projects using SPSS. To improve their overall performance, contractors are advised to focus on construction time and cost, safety and health of labors, reduce delays, maintain a stable workforce and establish partnerships with their subcontractors. Key words: Contractor Performance, Performance Assessment, Frequency, Cronbach’s alpha, Reliability, Multiple Regressions.

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A Comparative Study on Contractors’ Performance in Government and Private Sector Projects

March 14, 2016