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Congestion Avoidance in IP Based CDMA Radio Access Network (RAN) through Router Control

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Volume 3
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As communication plays an important role in day to day life, the effective and efficient data transmission is to be maintained.  This paper mainly deals with implements a congestion control mechanism using Router control method for IP-RAN on CDMA cellular network. The Router control mechanism uses the features of CDMA networks using active Queue Management technique to reduce delay and to minimize the correlated losses. The Random Early Detection Active Queue Management scheme (REDAQM) is to be realized for the router control for data transmission over the radio network using routers as the channel. As technology develops, we can satisfy these needs by using new tools, new applications and new personal devices. When utilizing these new personal tools and services to enrich our lives, while being mobile, we are using Mobile Multimedia applications. As new handsets, new technologies and new business models are introduced on the marketplace, new attractive multimedia services can and will be launched, fulfilling the demands. Because the number of multimedia services and even more so, the context in which the services are used is numerous, the following model is introduced in order to simplify and clarify how different services will evolve, enrich our lives and fulfill our desires.The proposed paper work is to be realized using Matlab platform. Keywords: REDAQM, CDMA, IP-RAN, Matlab.

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Congestion Avoidance in IP Based CDMA Radio Access Network (RAN) through Router Control

February 23, 2016