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Evaluating the properties of Molding Sand by varying Bentonite composition

Publication Date : 07/11/2016

DOI : 10.21884/IJMTER.2016.3109.U7ZLI

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 10
(11 - 2016)

Abstract :

Good casting can’t be made without good molds it is, therefore, important to prepare a good mold and test it before hand. The testing is done on the standard specimens prepared by the molding sand. Testing here is to determine the measurable characteristics i.e. properties namely strength, hardness, permeability etc, Strength and hardness always go together so either of them would describe both. There are various factors that affect the properties of molding sand but additives play a very important role. Research by lohm et al in 2006 confirms that factors affecting properties has individual as well as joint or combined influence on them. It was revealed that various sand systems in use in the metal casting industry have been investigated in the past and such investigations were mostly carried out by classical methods of single factor experiments involving a large number of trials, yet the interaction between two variables have not been clearly understood but effort has been made to ascertain the affect of interaction among variable factors in conjunction with the affect on how the property differs and this would be the impact of individual addition on sand properties for specific or standard process of casting. In this paper the procedure in order to obtain the affect of Bentonite content is given by initiating the process with the most commonly used additives in usual compositions, determining the individual affect by excluding each of the other sand additives, determining the properties without any special additives, Determining the properties with a single sand additive , by these steps the individual effect of special additives with specific composition is obtained , Now Bentonite content is varied and its affect on properties is analysed The experimentation for the last stage is conducted on the molding sand with suitable composition of other additives that give adequate properties and that is economical to the user. This data synthesised can be used for casting various components by analysing results from them in a specified format and by following statistical procedure specific composition of the molding sand can be determined.

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Evaluating the properties of Molding Sand by varying Bentonite composition

October 27, 2016