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Design and Implementation of Video Management System

Publication Date : 22/09/2015

Author(s) :

O-Byung Kwon , Mee-Kyeong Park.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 9
(09 - 2015)

Abstract :

The hard-disk recording system commonly used conducts recoding by generating one buffer and file in each of the IP cameras and accessing hard-disk on a one-for-one basis. In this case, as the system accesses hard-disk in order to process numerous channel data at a time, and this causes a bottleneck phenomenon, increasing the number of times access to hard-disk, and reading data of hard-disk, lowering search speed of head, able to record about 40-45% of maximum writing speed and not able to record due to lowered writing speed in case of large file, and generating deserted data or downloading program. Hence, this research aims to reduce the number of times access to hard-disk and minimize a bottleneck phenomenon by applying Smart Grouping algorithm, calculating channel group unit that can display hard-disk performance at maximum in accordance with the number of connected IP cameras, and applying algorithm that can generate buffer and file in accordance with group unit, and process large data of numerous channels by controlling the size of buffer with optimal value in accordance with data capacity received by generated buffer, and pulling in recording performance of hard-disk at maximum to process data of group-based channels by applying Dynamic Buffering.

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Design and Implementation of Video Management System

September 19, 2015