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Experimental Investigation on Torsional Behaviour of Beam-Column Joint

Publication Date : 28/08/2015

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 8
(08 - 2015)

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In this work the experimental investigation of Beam-Column Joint subjected to Torsional loading has been found weak due to adequate Torsional Design provisions, design capacity considerations and for ductile detailing behavior. Experimental tests showed that heavy damage to beam-column joint in particular outer that is corner joint which is lead to the collapse of structure. Now a day inspection of Civil Engineering structures has most of them will need major repairs in the upcoming day and up gradation to heavy seismic zones of some countries and towns has also necessity involving new strengthening method. one of the important methods of strengthening to RC beam-column joint structural members with wrapping of fiber on surface of concrete. Beams-column joint externally wrapped with Aramid fiber was test to failure using an arrangement which transfer Torsional moment to the joint of the Beam-Column through two opposite cantilever moment arms. Each arm is subjected to equal constant loading during the experiment. Total 9 beam-column connection specimen were cast and tested for the experimental study. Out of 9 beam-column joint specimen, 3 specimens are control beam-column joint. 3 specimens are control beam-column joint with extra reinforcement for torsion and 3 beam-column connection specimens full wrapped with Aramid fiber. Experimental observation on ultimate load & first crack loads and failure pattern of every Beam-column joint specimen is obtained.  Keywords- Aramid Fiber, Torsion, Beam-Column joint, Strengthening.

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Experimental Investigation on Torsional Behaviour of Beam-Column Joint

August 27, 2015