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Semantic Resource Management Algorithm Based Data Retrieval Technique in Data Mining

Publication Date : 28/07/2015

Author(s) :

N Sivashanmugam , C Jothivenkateswaran.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 7
(07 - 2015)

Abstract :

This system Hybrid extraction of robust model (GA), a dynamic XAML based mechanism for the adaptive management and reuse of e-learning resources in a distributed environment like the Web. This proposed system argues that to achieve the on-demand semantic-based resource management for Web-based e-learning, one should go beyond using domain ontology’s statically. So the propose XAML based matching process involves semantic mapping has done on both the open dataset and closed dataset mechanism to integrate e-learning databases by using ontology semantics. It defines context-specific portions from the whole ontology as optimized data and proposes an XAML based resource reuse approach by using an evolution algorithm. It explains the context aware based evolution algorithm for dynamic e-learning resource reuse in detail. This system is going to conduct a simulation experiment and evaluate the proposed approach with a xaml based e-learning scenario. The proposed approach for matching process in web cluster databases from different database servers can be easily integrated and deliver highly dimensional e-learning resource management and reuse is far from being mature. However, e-learning is also a widely open research area, and there is still much room for improvement on the method. This research mechanism includes 1) improving the proposed evolution approach by making use of and comparing different evolutionary algorithms, 2) applying the proposed approach to support more applications, and 3) extending to the situation with multiple e-learning systems or services.

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Semantic Resource Management Algorithm Based Data Retrieval Technique in Data Mining

July 27, 2015