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Exergy Analysis of Window Air Conditioning (VCR) System with Refrigerant R22 and R407C

Publication Date : 01/07/2015

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 7
(07 - 2015)

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The real useful energy loss can’t be justified the first law of thermodynamics, because it does not differentiate between the quality and quantity of energy. Energy analysis presents only quantitative results while exergy analysis presents qualitative results about actual energy consumption. The exergy of a system is the maximum useful work possible during a process that brings the system into equilibrium with a heat reservoir. Exergy analysis is performed in the field of industrial ecology to use energy more efficiently. In the said experiment a detailed analysis of VARS (vapour compression refrigeration system) is done. Exergy analysis of window air conditioner using different refrigerant such as R22, R407C is calculated. Exergy analysis is carry out using 85% mechanical, electrical and compressor efficiency. Using this experimental set up it would be able to evaluate on different operating condition. The coefficient of performance, exergy destruction and exergentic efficiency for variable refrigerant will be calculated. Refpor will be used to calculate the properties of refrigerant at each state which will enable to find different parameters and understand the performance of window air conditioner.

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Exergy Analysis of Window Air Conditioning (VCR) System with Refrigerant R22 and R407C

July 1, 2015