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Re-assessment and Refinement of Software Re-engineering Frameworks

Publication Date : 26/06/2015

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Volume 2
Issue 6
(06 - 2015)

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Software Systems are in continuous change for various reasons. Changes that effect the system over time include requirements, technology and business process. All these changes are diverse in nature and may require different treatments according to their impact over the software system. On the other hand, the current software may have to be rebuilt, in order to create a product with added functionality, better performance and reliability, and improved maintainability. On the other hand, if the changes on the business are too profound, a new system may have to be deployed by adapting an already existing legacy system or by building a new one. Therefore. In all these situations, there are processes, artifacts and knowledge that can be taken as a starting point. Traditional reengineering activities include identifying, delineating, and modeling the existent process; analyzing it for deficiencies; proposing new solutions; and implementing the new design in terms of new technical systems and new organizational structures. It is possible to observe that most of the methods proposed for the specification, development or acquisition of software systems already support some of these activities [1].

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Re-assessment and Refinement of Software Re-engineering Frameworks

June 26, 2015