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GIS Based Educational Information System

Publication Date : 17/06/2015

Author(s) :

manish srivastava.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 6
(06 - 2015)

Abstract :

GIS based educational information system is a tool towards identifying with precision the details of various educational institutes, in terms of their location, facilities provided, courses available, ranking, contact details, and all possible information. GIS add an extra edge to the work by enabling the user to geographically locate the same. Thus it provides the user with all the information that is • Concise • Accurate • Present at single place The presented work corresponds to locating the position of the all the Indian National Institute of Technology on the Indian map providing the specific information of each, like the name of the director, the contact details, location information.  For this, shape files have been designed using Arc GIS software, for all states of India, outlining the boundary and clubbed into the entire map of India. These shape files are then imported on GeoServer for testing.  This feature provides user the information of the institute which he chooses on the map.  GoogleEarth is chosen as the user-interface. The second aspect of the work is completed using this software. The shortest distance between two institutes is found out and is demonstrated to the user in terms of the distance to be travelled, the road to be taken to reach there in minimum distance and the estimated time required for the journey.  Thus on a whole the user sees complete India map on GoogleEarth. Now, when the user clicks on any institute, he finds the information regarding that institute and when the user needs to find the distance between two institutes, he can find the route, which provides him with all the necessary details. Key words: Shape file, geoserver, Arc GIS, GoogleEarth 

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GIS Based Educational Information System

June 15, 2015