Call For Paper Volume:5 Issue:8 Aug'2018 |

Real Time Simulation of Cloth Like Object

Publication Date : 16/04/2015

Author(s) :

Ashish Kumbhar , Ashish Kumbhar , Amit Ghadage , Akash Shinde.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 4
(04 - 2015)

Abstract :

Modeling and animation of cloth has experienced important developments in recent years. Concept regarding to simulation of cloth can be implemented by using both OPENGL and CUDA C. So we can examine how to incorporate effects of wind fields in cloth simulations. Use of CUDA C language helps to do execution faster. CUDA C is a GPU Programming language we have used which run on our nvidia graphics processor. We perform fast and stable time integration of a physically-based model, as well as wind drag effects to enhance realism.

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Real Time Simulation of Cloth Like Object

April 15, 2015