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Effect of Irregularity on buildings and their Consequences

Publication Date : 04/04/2015

Author(s) :

Ashvin G. Soni , Prof. D. G. AGRAWAL , Dr. A. M. Pande.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 4
(04 - 2015)

Abstract :

Many buildings in the present scenario have irregular  configurations both in plan and elevation. This in future may  subject to devastating earthquakes. In case, it is necessary to  identify the performance of the structures to withstand against  disaster for both new and existing one. Structures experience  lateral deflections under earthquake loads. Magnitude of these  lateral deflections is related to many variables such as structural  system, mass of the structure and mechanical properties of the  structural materials. Reinforced concrete multi-storied buildings  are very complex to model as structural systems for analysis. The  current version of the IS: 1893 (part I) -2002 requires that  practically all multistoried buildings be analyzed as three- dimensional systems. This is due to the irregularities in plan or  elevation or in both. The paper discusses the performance  evaluation of RC (Reinforced Concrete) Buildings with irregularity. Structural irregularities are important factors which  decrease the seismic performance of the structures. The study as a  whole makes an effort to evaluate the effect of vertical irregularity  on RC buildings, in terms of dynamic characteristics and the  influencing parameters which can regulate the effect on Story  Displacement, Drifts of adjacent stories, Excessive Torsion, Base  Shear, etc.

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Effect of Irregularity on buildings and their Consequences

April 2, 2015