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A Survey on Identity Deception detection in Social Media Applications

Publication Date : 30/04/2015

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 4
(04 - 2015)

Abstract :

Today the current landscape of the internet where there is a large number of social networking sites and also collaborative websites like Wikipedia concern about fake users keeping multiple accounts is of mainly give importance. Many of all those sites which allow users easily create an account and start collecting the content. Social media system such as collaborative project’s single user constantly creates many accounts with different account names not long after a block has been applied. Then the blocked deceiver who login again with multiple accounts is called sockpuppet. Current mechanism for detecting deception is based on human deception detection such as text. Mainly these methods have large detection accuracy, but it cannot be applied in huge databases with large data’s. So they are computationally inefficient and unsecured.  There should be an efficient method for detecting identity deception by using Nonverbal in the social media framework. Thus all these methods increase high detection accuracy and they data’s are secured. Close examination and monitoring of data’s on these methods which finds out that it can be applied to any social media framework.

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A Survey on Identity Deception detection in Social Media Applications

April 29, 2015