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Voice Controlled Wheelchair Using AVR

Publication Date : 28/02/2015

Author(s) :

Prof. D.S.Nikam , Joshi Gauri Laxmikant , Shinde Mohini Raman , Tajanpur Mohini Yashwant , Wani Monika Dnyandeo.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 2
(02 - 2015)

Abstract :

The paper describes Voice controlled wheel chair & devices control which would be a truly helping device for the old & disabled struck to wheel chair. The main objective is to convert vocal words into a unique fixed data as a command to master micro-controller, Atmega16. We are using a speech synthesis module which is capable of storing 64 words. Once trained the system will outputs a serial data assigned for each word when the word is spoken into the microphone of the module. Another objective is to turn on & off the devices remotely for which another micro-controller, Atmega328 as a slave device is being used. The main system on the wheel chair takes command from the speech synthesis module & if it is related to the device switching micro-controller identifies which device is to switched & related to that action. It sends a command through a Radio Frequency Communication Module (CC2500) module to slave micro-controller to perform the action. We are also using emergency alert system to provide more safety to concerned person. If the subject feels uneasy or unhealthy, he/she can press the emergency button that will contact the relatives for emergency help via Short Messaging Service (SMS) through a Global System of Mobiles Module (GSM Module).

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Voice Controlled Wheelchair Using AVR

February 28, 2015