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XRD- analysis of Alginate- Impregnated Hydroxyapatite Nano-Composites

Publication Date : 17/11/2015

Author(s) :

DEEPIKA GARG , Dr. Manoj Gupta , Dr. Ashsish Chouksey , Dr Hemlata Bundela.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 11
(11 - 2015)

Abstract :

Different procedures for analysis of particle sizes by the X-ray diffraction method are compared by the example of nanoparticles of alginate-inpregnated-hydroxyapatite . A modified Warren-Averbach method is proposed for the analysis of the X-ray diffraction line profile based on the approximation by the Voigt function, which yields stable solutions, and the efficiency of the method is shown. The analysis within the frame-work of the Warren-Averbach method makes it possible to restore the distribution function of nanoparticles (crystallites) over true diameters, which satisfactorily correlates with electron microscopy data. The applicability of the Warren-Averbach method to the estimation of crystallite sizes by the analysis of a single diffraction line is substantiated. The range of the applicability of the Scherrer, Williamson-Hall, Warren-Averbach, and modified Warren-Averbach methods to the substructure analysis by the X-ray diffraction is determined as depending on the method of nanostructure formation. Key words-  nano particles, alginate-inpregnated hydroxyapatite. X- ray diffraction.

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XRD- analysis of Alginate- Impregnated Hydroxyapatite Nano-Composites

November 14, 2015