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Retrieval Based Face Annotation By WLRLCC With Supervised Learning

Publication Date : 01/10/2015

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 10
(10 - 2015)

Abstract :

Retrieval based face annotation is a gifted model in mining huge web facial images for automated face annotation. A new method for naming the faces of images is proposed. Weak labels of images are used for this purpose. The WLRLCC (Weak Labels using Rise Local Coordinate Coding) method is used for annotating the facial images. Initially extract the features from all the images of the image database and then from the face to be annotated. Then calculate the Euclidian distance for the b suitable name. The extracted features are known as the RISE descriptor. The first challenge is how to competently retrieve a short list of most equivalent facial images from facial image databases, and the second challenge is how to efficiently achieve annotation by exploiting these similar facial images and their weak labels which are repeatedly noisy and unfinished. 

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Retrieval Based Face Annotation By WLRLCC With Supervised Learning

September 30, 2015