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Hide Encrypted Secret Image into Audio File using Multi-Logistic Chaotic Map and Wavelet Transform

Publication Date : 24/10/2015

Author(s) :

Dr. Mustafa Dhiaa Al-Hassani.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 10
(10 - 2015)

Abstract :

Abstract– People around the world are communicating with each other by using many different ways. The best and most common one is the “Internet”, since it provides all multimedia file formats as a means of communication between users. When users log into the internet, they step into the public area. Accordingly, the need for security requirements has emerged in order to exchange private messages or sensitive information among them. In this work, multi-layers of security that relies on both cryptography and steganography technologies are adopted to improve the immunity of the proposed Image-in-Audio steganography system towards protect and ensure the safety of information “Secret-Image” transmitted between two or more entities in a cover fashion. An innovative Multi-logistic Chaotic map encryption method is applied to convert the digital secret image into meaningless form before it leaves senders’ computer in order to nullify the value of interception by attackers. With the purpose of achieving a robust system, the notions of steganography are exploited to embed the encrypted image through the low frequency components of a Cover-Audio using Wavelet transform while retaining the perceptual quality in human auditory system for Stego-signal, such that potential intruders do not even know that a message is being sent. The suggested system was tested on more than 700 different image (of any type) and audio (WAVE format) samples of various dimensions in addition to thousands of heterogeneous files from a common DB necessary for secret keys generation. The obtained results prove the efficiency of the system according to the higher (PSNR > 40 db) using D4-wavelet coefficients, with suitable hiding rates close to 30%.

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Hide Encrypted Secret Image into Audio File using Multi-Logistic Chaotic Map and Wavelet Transform

October 20, 2015