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Altering one’s Attachment Style can lead to a blissful Life

Publication Date : 05/11/2015

Author(s) :

Rakhi P. Kashikar , Ritika P. Khandelwal.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 10
(11 - 2015)

Abstract :

In this study we propose that attachment categorizes human knowledge and perception from "the cradle to the grave." It is an emotional bond that includes reinstating of concern, contentment and bliss. This paper reveals that any individual with the secure attachment style is coupled with better correlation of dedication, conviction, and satisfaction than were the insecure, avoidant or ambivalent style. Altering one’s attachment style does not mean the person becomes a deadpan or is oblivious to life and its twist and turns and nuances. Much to the contrary this is being extremely sensitive and sensible and able to digest the idiosyncrasies of life as they come and keep the inner calm intact so that the tranquillity of mind and heart within remains unperturbed. It doesn’t always mean that you cover your face with a veil and ignore life's unpleasant situations. It simply means that you draw near unpleasantness in a more constructive and fruitful way. This advocates that the best is going to happen, not the worst.

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Altering one’s Attachment Style can lead to a blissful Life

November 2, 2015