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survey of trust based bluetooth authentication for mobile device

Publication Date : 31/01/2015

Author(s) :

P.Sindhuja , S.Uma , D.Deepachandra , M.Poovizhi.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 1
(01 - 2015)

Abstract :

Practical requirements for securely demonstrating identities between two handheld devices are an important concern. The adversary can inject a Man-In- The-Middle (MITM) attack to intrude the protocol. Protocols that employ secret keys require the devices to share private information in advance, in which it is not feasible in the above scenario. Apart from insecurely typing passwords into handheld devices or comparing long hexadecimal keys displayed on the devices’ screen, many other human-verifiable protocols have been proposed in the literature to solve the problem. Unfortunately, most of these schemes are unsalable to more users. Even when there are only three entities attempt to agree a session key, these protocols need to be rerun for three times. So, in the existing method a bipartite and a tripartite authentication protocol is presented using a temporary confidential channel. Besides, further extend the system into a transitive authentication protocol that allows multiple handheld devices to establish a conference key securely and efficiently. But this method detects only the outsider attacks. Method does not consider the insider attacks. So, in the proposed method trust score based method is introduced which computes the trust values for the nodes and provide the security. The trust score is computed has a positive influence on the confidence with which an entity conducts transactions with that node. Network the behavior of the node will be monitored periodically and its trust value is also updated .So depending on the behavior of the node in the network trust relation will be established between two nodes. Keywords- Bluetooth, Authentication, Seeing-is- Believing (SiB), Quick Response Code, Discrete logarithm problem.

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survey of trust based bluetooth authentication for mobile device

January 27, 2015