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Optimized Reversible Data Hiding Technique For Secured Data Transmission

Publication Date : 31/01/2015

Author(s) :

Ms. P. Umamaheswari , Dr. S. Sathappan , Mr. R. Subramanian.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 1
(01 - 2015)

Abstract :

Reversible data hiding (RDH) is used to embed secret message into a cover image by slightly modifying its pixel values. Embedded message and the cover image are completely recovered from the marked content. RDH supports information hiding with the lossless compressibility of natural images. Lossless compression, difference expansion, histogram modification, prediction-error expansion and integer transform techniques are used for RDH process. Histogram based RDH method is divided into two steps histogram generation and histogram modification. Histogram construction is performed with the pixel pairs sequences and their different values. Histogram modification is carried out to embed data into the cover image. The un-hiding process recovers the message and also the cover image.   Reversible data hiding (RDH) scheme is designed by using difference-pair-mapping (DPM) mechanism. A sequence consisting of pairs of difference values is computed by considering each pixel-pair and its context. DPM is an injective mapping defined on difference-pairs. Specifically designed DPM is used for Reversible data embedding process. A two-dimensional difference-histogram is generated by counting the frequency of the resulting difference-pairs. Current histogram-based RDH methods use natural extension of expansion embedding and shifting techniques. A pixel-pair-selection strategy is adopted to use the pixel-pairs located in smooth image regions to embed data. Capacity distortion property is used evaluate the embedding capacity (EC).   Two dimensional difference histogram modification model is enhanced to increase the embedding capacity. Difference Pair Mapping (DPM) model is optimized to identify pixel redundancy. Multiple in value based pixel pair modification is allowed in the system. Histogram modification is carried out with different frequency levels. 

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Optimized Reversible Data Hiding Technique For Secured Data Transmission

January 29, 2015