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Enhanced Data Partitioning Technique for Improving Cloud Data Storage

Publication Date : 31/01/2015

Author(s) :

Mr. Sangram Rananavare , Prof. Anjali More , Mr. Pritam Vanne , Miss. Sneha Nanaware.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 1
(01 - 2015)

Abstract :

Cloud computing is a model for enabling for on demand network access to shared configurable computing resources (e.g. networks, servers, storage, applications, and services).It is based on virtualization and distributed computing technologies. Cloud Data storage systems enable user to store data efficiently on server without any trouble of data resources. User can easily store and retrieve their data remotely. The two biggest concerns about cloud data storage are reliability and security. Clients aren’t like to entrust their data to another third party or companies without a guarantee that they will be able to access therein formations whenever they want. In the existing system, the data are stored in the cloud using dynamic data operation with computation which makes the user need to make a copy for further updating and verification of the data loss. Different distributed storing auditing techniques are used for overcoming the problem of data loss. Recent work of this paper has show that data partitioning technique used for data storage by providing Digital signature to every partitioning data and user .this technique allow user to upload or retrieve the data with matching the digital signatures provided to them. This method ensures high cloud storage integrity, enhanced error localization and easy identification of misbehaving server and unauthorized access to the cloud server. Hence this work aims to store the data securely in reduced space with less time and computational cost.

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Enhanced Data Partitioning Technique for Improving Cloud Data Storage

January 23, 2015