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Survey on Privacy Preserving Multi Keyword Ranked Search

Publication Date : 31/12/2014

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 1
Issue 6
(12 - 2014)

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The advent of cloud computing, data owners are motivated to outsource their complex data management systems from local sites to commercial public cloud for great flexibility and economic savings. But for protecting data privacy, sensitive data has to be encrypted before outsourcing.Considering the large number of data users and documents in cloud, it is crucial for the search service to allow multi-keyword query and provide result similarity ranking to meet the effective data retrieval need. Related works on searchable encryption focus on single keyword search or Boolean keyword search, and rarely differentiate the search results. We first propose a basic MRSE scheme using secure inner product computation, and then significantly improve it to meet different privacy requirements in two levels of threat models. The Incremental High Utility Pattern Transaction Frequency Tree (IHUPTF-Tree) is designed according to the transaction frequency (descending order) of items to obtain a compact tree. By using high utility pattern the items can be arranged in an efficient manner. Tree structure is used to sort the items. Thus the items are sorted and frequent pattern is obtained. The frequent pattern items are retrieved from the database by using hybrid tree (H-Tree) structure. So the execution time becomes faster. Finally, the frequent pattern item that satisfies the threshold value is displayed.

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Survey on Privacy Preserving Multi Keyword Ranked Search

December 10, 2014