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sink relocation for network lifetime enhancement method in wsn

Publication Date : 31/12/2014

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Volume 1
Issue 6
(12 - 2014)

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Recent advances in micro manufacturing technology have enabled the event of cheap, normal power, unique functional detector nodes for the wireless communication. Sensing applications have normal conjointly as a reality of result. These embrace environmental observation, intrusion detection, battleground police work, and so on. In a very wireless detector network (WSN), the way  the restricted power resources of sensors to increase that to conserve the network lifespan of the WSN as long as double whereas activity the sensing and detected knowledge news tasks, is that the most important issue within the network style. In a WSN, detector nodes deliver detected knowledge back to the sink as multi hopping. The detector nodes  are very close to the sink can usually consume additional battery power than others; consequently, these nodes will been drain out their battery energy quickly and short the network lifespan of the WSN. Sink relocation have associate degree economical network lifespan extension methodology, that could avoids an excessive amount of battery energy for a selected cluster of detector nodes. during this paper, we have a tendency to propose a moving strategy known as energy-aware sink relocation (EASR) for mobile sinks in WSN. These projected mechanism uses info associated with the residual battery energy of detector nodes to be  adaptively alter the transmission vary of detector nodes and therefore the relocating theme to the sink. Some theoretical and numerical analyze area unit given to point out that the EASR methodology will extend the network lifespan of the WSN considerably 

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sink relocation for network lifetime enhancement method in wsn

December 31, 2014