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Publication Date : 30/11/2014

Author(s) :

Pavan Kumar Doppalapudi , Dr. Sohan Garg.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 1
Issue 5
(11 - 2014)

Abstract :

Now a days, SMS-supported mobile searching applications are gradually more widespread around the globe, particularly in current scenario among users with low-end mobile devices. So, Web exploration is one of the main and valuable of these applications. SMS-supported web exploration takes unstructured queries and returns web snippets via SMS. This application permits users with low-priced mobile phones and no data plan to hit into the enormous amount of information on the web. SMS-supported web exploration is a demanding problem since the channel is both tremendously constricted and costly. Preferably, together the query and the response fit within an SMS. This paper presents the blueprint and execution of SMS Search, an SMS-supported search application that facilitates users to achieve exceptionally crisp (one SMS message) search responses for queries across random keywords in one round of communication. SMS Search is intended to balance existing SMS-supported search applications that are moreover inadequate in the keywords they identify or engage an individual in the loop. Specified an unstructured search query, ”SMS Search”, uses a usual search engine as a back-end to extract a number of search responses and uses a mixture of information retrieval procedures to take out the most suitable 140-byte snippet as the final SMS search reply. We illustrate that SMS Search returns suitable responses for 62.5% of Mahalo search queries in our experiment set; this precision rate is high given that Mahalo make use of a human to respond the identical queries. So we have also installed a pilot edition of SMS Search for make use of with a little featured group and a bigger scale open beta in Meerut to investigate our application and contribute to our understanding. In this paper I(we) depict my (our) algorithm to mine snippets for any given unstructured query of the form .

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December 31, 2014