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An Adaptive Evaluation System to Test Student Caliber using Item Response Theory

Publication Date : 30/11/2014

Author(s) :

Safa Hamdare.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 1
Issue 5
(11 - 2014)

Abstract :

Computational creativity research has produced many computational systems that are described as creative [1]. A comprehensive literature survey reveals that although such systems are labelled as creative, there is a distinct lack of evaluation of the Creativity of creative systems [1]. Nowadays, a number of online testing websites exist but the drawback of these tests is that every student who gives a particular test will always be given the same set of questions irrespective of their caliber. Thus, a student with a very high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) may be forced to answer basic level questions and in the same way weaker students may be asked very challenging questions which they cannot response. This method of testing results into a wastage of time for the high IQ students and can be quite frustrating for the weaker students. This would never benefit a teacher to understand a particular student’s caliber for the subject under Consideration. Each learner has different learning status and therefore different test items should be used in their evaluation. This paper proposes an Adaptive Evaluation System developed based on an Item Response Theory and would be created for mobile end user keeping in mind the flexibility of students to attempt the test from anywhere. This application would not only dynamically customize questions for students based on the previous question he/she has answered but also by adjusting the degree of difficulty for test questions depending on student ability, a teacher can acquire a valid & reliable measurement of student’s competency.

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An Adaptive Evaluation System to Test Student Caliber using Item Response Theory

December 4, 2014