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Web Application Testing (Major Challenges and Techniques)

Publication Date : 31/10/2014

Author(s) :

Pooja Sharma.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 1
Issue 4
(10 - 2014)

Abstract :

Web-based systems represent a young, but rapidly growing technology. As the number of web applications continues to grow, these systems enter a critical role in a multitude of companies. The way web systems impact business aspects, combined with an ever-growing internet user mass, emphasize the importance of developing high-quality products. Thus, proper testing plays a distinctive part in ensuring reliable, robust and high performing operation of web applications. Issues such as the security of the web application, the basic functionality of the site, its accessibility to handicapped users and fully able users, as well as readiness for expected traffic and number of users and the ability to survive a massive spike in user traffic, both of which are related to load testing. The testing of web based applications has much in common with the testing of desktop systems like testing of functionality, configuration, and compatibility. Web application testing consists of the analysis of the web fault compared to the generic software faults. Other faults are strictly dependent on the interaction mode because of web application multi-tier architecture. Some web specific faults are authentication problem, incorrect multi language support, hyperlink problem, cross-browser portability problem, incorrect form construction, incorrect cookie value, incorrect session management, incorrect generation of error page, etc. In this paper, main concern will be to bring up issues regarding testing web application functionality implemented using numerous technologies. Generating a test environment to test this type of application and exercise each of them is a quite tough task. Functional requirement testing of web application will be considered in this paper. So after discussing challenges of web testing, focus of the remainder paper will be on compendious of various existing testing techniques for web application. Finally, there is a brief discussion about future trends of testing scopes in web applications and concluding remarks.

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Web Application Testing (Major Challenges and Techniques)

December 4, 2014