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Happiness Expression Recognition at Different Age Conditions

Publication Date : 31/10/2014

Author(s) :

G.P.Hegde , Dr. M. Seetha.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 1
Issue 4
(10 - 2014)

Abstract :

Recognition of different internal emotions of human face under various critical conditions is a difficult task. Facial expression recognition with different age variations is considered in this study. This paper emphasizes on recognition of facial expression like happiness mood of nine persons using subspace methods. This paper mainly focuses on new robust subspace method which is based on Proposed Euclidean Distance Score Level Fusion (PEDSLF) using PCA, ICA, SVD methods. All these methods and new robust method is tested with FGNET database. An automatic recognition of facial expressions is being carried out. Comparative analysis results surpluses PEDSLF method is more accurate for happiness emotional facial expression recognition.

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Happiness Expression Recognition at Different Age Conditions

December 4, 2014