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Implementation of MIML Framework using Annotated Image Dataset

Publication Date : 31/07/2014

Author(s) :

Keyur Tank , Prof. Praveen Bhanodia , Prof. Pritesh Jain.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 1
Issue 1
(07 - 2014)

Abstract :

As MIL (Multi-Instance Learning) considers only input ambiguity and MLL (Multi-Label Learning) consider only output ambiguity, we require a framework which consider both ambiguities together and solve the complex problems. MIML (Multi-Instance Multi-Label) framework can solve this problem, but the implementation of MIML dataset is more complex as it considers multiple labels and its multiple instances both together. This research work focuses on implementation of MIML framework using 2014 annotated natural scene image dataset. An image annotation task is closely related to MIML learning problem. Multi class SVM (MSVMpack) used to handle classification of more than two classes without depending on different decomposition methods. Bag of Regions (BoR) is used as a bag generator which is well known framework to generate local features from images. SIFT Scale-Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) good descriptor can handle intensity, rotation and scale with variations. During experiment for each image SIFT descriptors are extracted for each shot. As a result it also provide vector of predicted labels, accuracy rate during classification, hamming loss, one-error, coverage and R-loss after testing the model.

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Implementation of MIML Framework using Annotated Image Dataset

December 2, 2014